Cookie Cutter vs. Custom

You’ve seen them before.  Neighborhoods and subdivisions lining the streets with the same house.  The only thing that sets the houses apart from their neighbor is the flipped floor plan and different colored exterior.  In the business, we refer to this newly built home as a cookie cutter house. 

The desire for a custom-built home is knowing that no two homes are alike.  They are built to suit the customer’s needs and wishes, not the builder’s.  A custom home reflects the homeowner’s style, personality and lifestyle.  Custom amenities can mean wider entries or lower cabinetry for handicapped accessibility or simple custom-built lockers and a cubby for each family member in the mud room. 

A custom-built home is surprisingly affordable.  Many of our customers will add to one allowance over another.  It’s common to have a customer ask for an unfinished room over the garage, where it won’t be utilized in the near future, so that they can have custom cabinetry in the kitchen or a custom built-in for the family room.

Custom features is what makes a house a home.  Save the cookie cutters for the holiday baking.


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  1. construction says:

    I’m here by accident. I started reading and I must tell you that your blog is great. You are writing so many interesting things. I can’t agree with many of them, but it’s ok. I will probably visit your blog more often. I would like to use your words on my own blog. Is it posiible? – Paula

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