The jolly rancher

It’s no surprise that the new trend in house building for 2011 will be downsizing.  We have seen it coming over the past couple of years.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, McMansions are a thing of the past.  Less square footage without sacrificing quality is a must. The perfect example of reducing size, but not quality is a ranch style home.

Once popular in the 1950’s the ranch style home is regaining popularity and not just with baby boomers about to retire.  A ranch is one-level, so it is less expensive to build, less expensive to heat and keep cool and the ability to change the layout makes a ranch very appealing. 

The ranch was often criticized for not having any style or personality.  Today’s ranch is quite the opposite.  The ranch homes that we have built have great rooms, open floor plans, dormers, porches, french doors & lots of windows.

While the colonial style home continues to remain popular, especially with families, the ranch is making a big comeback and should be a trend that will last.


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