Our house is a very, very fine house.

Although the days of the McMansion don’t seem to be returning any time soon,  home buyers don’t want to sacrifice luxurious amenities.  Some of the traditional luxuries such as a large soaking tub is being replaced with a steam shower, formal dining rooms are now eat-in kitchens, the office or study has become a work area in the kitchen or family room. 

The economy has a lot to do with these changes, but the biggest reason is values and priorities.  It’s more about spending time together, family gatherings and building memories.  Besides, who has time to take a leisurely bath these days? 

The master bedroom has moved from the second floor down to the main level to plan for the future and because of the wish to remain in the home for as long as possible.  The modern kitchen no longer resembles a restaurant kitchen with a line of stainless steel appliances.  Refrigerators have glass doors or are hidden behind matching cabinetry.  It is true that the kitchen really is the heart of the home.  It’s where we entertain, kids do their homework, the bills are paid and where everyone ends up hanging out at a party. 

Because those of us in Maine endure a pretty long winter, any chance to get outside is cherished.  The patio, deck or terrace is an extension of the kitchen.  Outdoor entertaining, lobster bakes, BBQ’s and dining alfresco is part of a Mainer’s lifestyle. 

The popularity of the outdoor kitchen has given us reason to spend even more time outside.  With a gleaming stainless steel outdoor grill, a mini bar, prep sink, refrigerator, cooler, comfortable seating, the stars above and a fire to gather around, why go inside?


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One Response to Our house is a very, very fine house.

  1. Blake Powell says:

    I really liked this article, and I think it will become truer and truer as time goes on. Nationwide trends are showing that families are becoming much closer; parents are moving in with their kids or vice versa. This means that luxurious home furnishings and features are no longer seen as being very practical. Larger kitchens and patio areas are becoming popular because these large families want to have a place for everyone to get together.

    That last paragraph described my ideal hangout on a Friday evening; it’s definitely something I will look for in a house someday 🙂

    Thanks for this article!


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