Green building

Home Construction, Inc. incorporates many eco-friendly, energy-efficient and green building materials and are standard practice:   


1) Roofing                                        

  • Durable roof covering reduces frequency of replacement;
  • Darker colors absorb more heat.

2) Windows & doors

  • Energy efficient windows & doors keep heat inside in winter and outside in the summer.

3) Siding

  • Vinyl siding saves money on installation and maintenance;
  • Fiber-cement siding is termite and water-resistant.

4) Walls

  • Increased R-value of insulation saves energy, reduce heating/cooling bills.

5) Trees

  • Tree preservation reduces future energy costs.

6) Factory-built components

  • Factory-built components including trusses and pre-hung doors allow more efficient use of raw materials, making the most out of every piece of lumber by eliminating the need to cut wood at the jobsite and further reducing waste.

7) Floors

  • Natural wood, reclaimed wood and recycled tile are earth-friendly options. Low VOC carpeting offer better indoor air quality.

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